Cooling trends for the month of August and what that means for Fall

For the first four days in August we’ve been in a warm pattern of highs in the mid to low 80s with the chance for afternoon showers and thunderstorms.  This scream summer-like weather, but a cooling trend is beginning with below average temperatures. So what does this mean for our fall?

Fall is just seven weekends away. With the new data out from the Climate Prediction Center, it seems that there will be a cool down here within the next week or so. Below is the temperature trend over the next week (days 6-10). Eastern Ohio only has a 33 percent chance of seeing below-average temperatures, which isn’t very strong.

You can see with the Storm Team 27 Forecast that we will experience a cool down with the passing of a strong cold front on Friday.


Saturday: Becoming partly sunny. Small chance for a shower or sprinkle. (20%)
High: 73 Low: 57

Sunday: Partly sunny.
High: 76 Low: 54

Monday: Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers or thunderstorms. (60%)
High: 77 Low: 61

Tuesday: Partly sunny. Chance for a showers early. (40%)
High: 74 Low: 60

Wednesday: Partly sunny.
High: 77 Low: 57

However things change when we look beyond the short-term forecast.

Here is the same outlook, but for days 8-14, which looks toward next week. Again, our Valley only has a 33 percent chance of being below average on temperatures.

On the left is the one month climate forecast and on the right is the three-month forecast for the months of August, September, October.

Off the bat, you may notice that the confidence on a cooling trend ends for our area. Most of the United States looks above average for the start of fall.

Looking at these maps, we must understand that there will be fluctuations in all short term temperatures. If one day during the week the high is in the 90s and another day it’s in the 70s. The two day average will be 80 degrees, which is well in the range of normal. So overall the trend will stay above average but we will continue to slip as we get into the heart of fall.

We can’t rule out freezing days in October or mid to high 80s in September, but overall its looking like we’ll see more warmer days than cooler. So fall lovers enjoy!




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