Severe Weather Recap: August 4th, 2017

Three days before the cold front passed the Valley was already placed under a slight risk for severe weather. The main threat was damaging winds and large hail. A possible spin-up couldn’t be ruled out too. The timing of the front was well forecasted, and with plenty of sunshine in the morning this event could have been one of the top severe weather days for the Valley in 2017.OH_swody2

Overall there were seven Severe Thunderstorm Warnings that were issued for our viewing area. Most of the Severe thunderstorm Warnings were for winds up to 60 mph and quarter sized hail.


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The National Weather Service in Cleveland issued two Tornado Warnings yesterday for central and eastern Ohio. Even though radar suggested rotating storms there were no official reports of any touchdowns.

Here is the official hail report:

  1. Ellwood City, Pennsylvania (Lawrence County)
    6:05 pm Hail diameter: 1 inch. Lat: 4086 Lon: 8028

Here is a list of the official wind reports

  1. Orangeville, Ohio (Trumbull County)
    12:26 pm Multiple Trees Down. Lat: 4134 Lon: 8053
  2. 5 Miles West of Greenville, Pennsylvania (Mercer County)
    2:45 pm A Few Trees Down As Well As Large Limbs and Branches.
    Lat: 4141 Lon: 8048
  3. New Castle, Pennsylvania (Lawrence County)
    2:50 pm Several Reports Of Trees Down In And Around New Castle.
    Lat: 4100 Lon: 8035
  4. Newtown Fall, Ohio (Trumbull County)
    3:45 pm Several Large Branches Down Greater Than 2 Inches. Lat: 4119 Lon: 8097
  5. Ellwood City, Pennsylvania (Lawrence County)
    6:15 pm Numerous Trees and Wires Down Lat: 4086 Lon: 802

Also the official reports from the YNG/Warrern Regional Airport Weather Station states that yesterdays top sustained wind speed was 37 mph with a wind gust registered 49 mph. Keep in mind this is one location, winds were most likely stronger in some locations.

If you do not see your the hail and wind report then that National Weather Service did not receive the proper information with the report. Remember if you send in a report with a photo, please put a time, location, and detailed description on the event.

No more severe weather is expected in the short term forecast. In yesterdays storm event there were reports of people that were struck my lightning and one fatality from a tree falling on a car. Please be safe out there.



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