December Starting Off on the Warm Side

For the months of Meteorological Fall (September, October, November), we are currently 4.9 degrees above average. It might feel like Fall was warmer this year, but last year we were 4.2 degrees above average. Not a huge difference.

December 1st marks the first day of Meteorological Winter and it looks like we are going to continue to see that warming trend. Earlier we talked about the possibility of a warmer winter, Youngstown’s Winter Weather Outlook and Why We Should Be Cautious, but what goes up must come down.

This time of year our highs should be in the low 40s and our lows in the low 30s. You can see below that most of the continental United States is expected to be above average next week compared to the average temperatures.

NOAA Climate Prediction Center 6- 10 Day Outlook

Beyond the seven day forecast it looks like the two week outlook (Day 8-14) is warmer too. Remember that the average temperatures will continue to fall as we head into the start of winter. December’s average high temperature is in the upper 30s.

NOAA Climate Prediction Center 8- 14 Day Outlook

We’ve all heard the phrase “What goes up must come down”.

Check out the December outlook below. We are starting the month of December above average. We are also expected to finish the month of December hovering around the typical average temperature.


NOAA Climate Prediction Center December Outlook


This means that the second half of December has to be below average to offset the warmer start of the month. Just because we start warm doesn’t mean the entire month will be that way too.

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