Snow in the South Possible This Week

Southerns! Is it time to grab the bread and milk?!

With the chance for winter weather looming, people of the south will lose their minds over the fierce flutter of flurries that will soon consume their mulch beds.

So, will areas in the south see snow? Yes. BUT

The models are not agreeing on several key elements. The European Model is being quite bullish with the cold air driving south. This is showing higher snow totals then what we expect to happen. The GFS is more inline with The Weather Channel’s model, in that we expect a dusting of snow with some areas accumulating 1-3 inches.

Unfortunately, there is a bigger problem.

Whether you receive rain or snow, temperatures will crash through the day on Tuesday. Some areas will start in the 40’s with rain and then end on Tuesday night in the upper teens! This will take the leftover rain and snow and freeze it over to create an icy situation.

This could be a bigger problem for areas that don’t see any snow at all. The snow could cause some school delays and cancellations on Tuesday, but I expected more of an impact Tuesday and Wednesday because of the refreezing.

The big question that remains, at this point, is who will see this happen in their city? Stay tuned for more updates.

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