It’s About to Get Really Cold but Does That Mean Snow?

I hope you’ve loved the warmer weather this Fall, because its going away next week!

Our average high temperature should be in the low 40s but we’ve been above that with a warmer trend for the end of November. That trend will continue into the first five days of December. After that, mid-week, the the temperatures will drop.


You can see above that the highs will go from the 40s to the low 30s and 20s. This is another ingredient you need for snow, but the atmosphere works more like a new password than a security question. Let me explain.

When you set up a security question for electric devices, it’s cut and dry.

It asks “What city were you born in?” or “What is your mother’s maiden name?” (For the record my mothers maiden name is ‘Neuschwanter’! Most secure password ever! lol) Anyways, security questions are straight forward. They ask you for one answer and one answer only.

Snow doesn’t work that way. Just because we get cold air that doesn’t mean we are going to get snow. The atmosphere works more like creating a new password. When you create a password for s secure site or device it will ask you for several security features. You need to make sure you have a capitalized letter, a symbol, at least 8 characters, and so on.

Thats how you need to think about snow!

Cold air is just one of the the things we need in order to lock in snow in the forecast. However, we need other things to make sure the snow forecast is secure. Such as a saturated profile, a system bringing in moisture, and a way to sustain the cold air. Not to mention lake effect snow which is based a lot on wind profiles.

So with this cold air it doesn’t mean snow, but it gives us a better chance to see snow events. By the look of it, over the next two weeks, there is a good chance the Valley could see some snow. We will have to wait and see if Mother Nature accepts that new password.



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